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Party Ice

Party Ice

Only found in the “blue bag”, Glacier Party Ice products are made from state-of-the-art ice making equipment at Glacier’s manufacturing facilities. A modern reverse-osmosis purification process is used to ensure high quality products, a standard that consumers are known to enjoy. Glacier Party Ice is offered in a variety of packaging sizes to meet the needs of any occasion. From the smallest easy to carry 7 lb. bag, to the mid-sized, very popular 20 lb. bag. Glacier Party Ice is also available in the popular sizes that fit you best, including our largest bulk sized 40 lb. bag.

No matter what the size, Glacier Party Ice delivers the highest quality products available.


20 Lb. and 7 Lb. Bags

20 lb and 7 lb Bags

40 Lb. Bag

40 lb bag

Premium Ice

Alhambra Premium Ice is an innovative premium ice product that offers the pure, great taste and high quality of Alhambra Premium bottled water. Alhambra Premium Ice is manufactured with Crystal Fresh Alhambra Drinking Water using a multi-step purification process to ensure the highest quality ice product available anywhere.

Alhambra Premium Ice is uniquely packaged in a convenient 9 lb. bag containing 3 individually sealed
3 lb. bags. This uniquely designed packaging offers consumers an easy way to store Alhambra Premium ice in home freezers and holds its purity and freshness by only using one bag at a time.

Premium Ice

When you truly want the very best… Alhambra Premium Ice.

Glacier Block Ice

Ice Block Made with the same quality and standards of Glacier Party Ice. Used for bulk cooling needs, the long-lasting 10lb block always has good use for camping or ice chests.

Dry IceDry Ice

Dry ice is Carbon Dioxide, in a frozen solid state. It is used for keeping perishable goods frozen for longer periods of time than traditional ice.

Dry Ice is primarily used for camping, shipping perishables, and in special packing situations. Unlike traditional ice that melts into water, dry ice turns into a gas appearing like fog or steam. As a result, dry ice is used for special effects in movies, television, concerts and other special events. Call for location availability.

Ice Sculptures & Carvings

We use only the clearest ice blocks to be used for ice carving. Starting with a 300-pound block of ice, the sculptors can create an unlimited variety of objects for virtually any theme.

(Click on picture for larger image)

Golf Bag Basket Tuna Linked Hearts
Martini Goalie
Heart with Birds
Swans Easter Bunny Polaris Venture Capital Shoe Luge

Special Events

Special Events Truck & Trailer

We are available for any special functions, festivals, and summer events. For those big events when the need arises for more ice than is normally used, Special Events Trailers allow us greater flexibility in supplying our customers with a variety of solutions for their ice needs.

Special Events Trailer


We can provide snow to make a memorable, fun event. The snow scenes can be done for residential, retail, corporate and city events. We can accommodate areas from 500 square feet and up.

Click on the image below to see a quick video clip of our snow-making capabilities.*

Snow Video (5MB)

Or view still images below.

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residential snow scene
snow scene
ice slides
snow scene #2

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Manufactured by Glacier Ice Company.

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